CAREER LIGHTHOUSE for English Language is one of the best-known leading institution where one can learn highest standards of modern day communication from the best instructors. Our exclusivity lies in the fact that our organization is not just meant for people who want to learn basics of the language or excel in academics - be it in school or college, but also for employees who work in private or government organisations and want fluency and complete command over English language.

Our Standards

Choosing CAREER LIGHTHOUSE means choosing an organisation that’s dedicated to providing its clients with top-notch service. What’s more, our agency is interested in making a genuine impact in the labour market. To do that we collect data and produce sector-specific reports for both candidates and hiring managers to understand trends better, and help organisations come up with innovative solutions for their needs.

We also specialise in helping companies cover large-scale staffing needs through our skill enchancement programme, which can help you make the recruiting process as cost-efficient as possible. Our agency recognises the value of employer brand, and understand the need of the best talent.